33 laboratories all based in Grenoble and interconnected thanks to our Thematic Network of Advanced Research (RTRA) aim to :

Understand materials properties at the scale of the nanometer,
Discover new phenomena and develop their applications,
Create nanometer-sized objects,
Simulate theirs properties

Prepare the future : implementing a reliable source of fundamental knowledge and developing more applications.

The key fields of applications related to the network

Information technology and communications : nanoelectronics, nanophotonics and spintronics are set to take over from mircroelectronics and yield more miniaturisation, more computing power, more memory storage capacity. Any research project related to these fields will reinforce the set of high-level skills found in Grenoble ;
Healthcare and medicine : Nanosciences will provide new tools that will enable to develop new diagnostics, therapeutics, and preventives;

Energy and environment : innovative nanotechnologies will contribute to improve energy harvesting from renewable sources and creating new ways of recycling or reusing water and wastes.




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