Olympiades de Physique

Every year since 2010, The Nanosciences Foundation supports the Olympiades de Physique, an experimental scientific competition for high school students. A special prize Nanosciences Foundation reward teams which participate to the national competition.

The Olympiades de Physique is an experimental scientific competition for teams of two to six high school students supervised by one or two professors, possibly linked with a laboratory or a company.

This competition is organized since 1992 by the Union des professeurs de physique et de chimie and the Société française de physique

Goals :

  • Allow young high school students to live an exciting scientific adventure
  • Develop teamwork on an experimental subject
  • Stimulate their curiosity, take initiative and let their creativity express themselves
  • Create link between students and meet with researchers or engineers and rely on their help

The project :
The Olympiades de Physique’s project often begins :
for pupils of the first class, after a TPE with potential interesting or promising experimental extensions,
for pupils of the second year, at the conclusion of their participation in a Scientific and Technical Workshop, when they wish to extend their work by an experimental activity more particularly focused on physics.

The rewards
The national final is followed by a public exhibition of the students’ projects and precedes the award ceremony. It allows teams to present their achievements to the public and scientists who come to honor this manifestation of their presence.

  • Rewards for all finalists
  • Special prices for all teams
  • Prestigious laboratory visits for all the finalist teams that testify to their enthusiasm
  • Some teams from the national competition have the opportunity to participate in other competitions

More information : Olympiades de Physique.




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