Quantum Engineering Grenoble - PhD Programme 2017

The QuEnG doctoral programme is funded by the Idex-UGA and aims to foster a pluridisciplinary ecosystem for quantum technologies. The laureates will pursue high-level research at the interface between physics, mathematics, computer sciences, social sciences, humanities, or with industrial coaching.

They will contribute to the creation, the development and the animation of the ecosystem through actions supported by the Université Grenoble Alpes.

The QuEnG doctoral programme provides a unique opportunity to develop a network both in the private and in the academic sector, and to become one of the future quantum engineers.

2017, April 10, 11h59 - Paris time : deadline for the submission of applications


10 PhD scholarships possibly with substantial research grants will be attributed on the following topics :

• Quantum hardware : At most 3 scholarships at the interface Physics/Computer Science, to develop elementary quantum processors/simulators on one of the experimental platforms of the area (Photons, Spin Qubits, Superconducting Qubits)
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Coordinator : Dr. T. Meunier, tristan.meunier@neel.cnrs.fr

• Quantum software : At most 2 scholarships at the interface Computer Science/Physics, to develop software and architectures adapted to quantum logic
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Coordinator : Dr. M. Mhalla, mehdi.mhalla@imag.fr

• Qubit/photon interfaces : At most 1 scholarship in Physics with industrial coaching, or at the interface Physics/Mathematics : to interface quantum processors with light, and/or optimize information transfer through such interfaces
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Coordinator : Pr. A. Joye, alain.joye@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr

• Quantum sensing : At most 1 scholarship in Physics with industrial coaching, to develop highly sensitive amplifiers based on optomechanical or superconducting devices
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Coordinator : Pr. J.-M. Gérard, jean-michel.gerard@cea.fr

• Quantum energetics : At most 2 scholarships in Physics or Mathematics with industrial coaching, to investigate theoretically or experimentally thermodynamics in the quantum regime and the energetic cost of quantum computing
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Coordinator : Dr. R. Whitney, robert.whitney@lpmmc.cnrs.fr

• Societal and philosophical aspects of quantum theory and quantum technologies : At most 2 scholarships in Philosophy of Physics or Sociology embarked in a Physics laboratory, to explore philosophical implications of quantum reality and quantum causality, or develop sociological perspectives on quantum technologies
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Coordinator : Pr. S. Ruphy, stephanie.ruphy@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr

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