Master Nano

The Master Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies of Grenoble is a 2-years international program with a strong research backbone and an important international outreach, providing a top quality multidisciplinaty education in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

The N2 Master program of University Grenoble Alpes prepares students for doctoral studies in the many fundamental and applied areas of nanosciences in Grenoble, in France or abroad.

Deadlines :
2018, May 30th or
2018, March 20st : if you are a citizen of one of the countries listed in the national web site Etude en France.

Since 2010, this program is part of the EMM Nano Erasmus-mundus Master program.

The key assets of master N2 are :

  • a multi-disciplinary approach with five tracks in nanophysics, nano-chemistry, nano-biosciences, nano-medecine, and micro and nano-engineering
  • a broad international exposure sustained by an Erasmus Mundus Program and several other international partnerships
  • an experimental training of exceptional quality
  • an excellent immersion in the world-class research environment of the Grenoble area, with the Capita Selecta Conferences courses, the research training program, and the extended master thesis.

It offers 4 specializations with all courses taught in English :

  • Nanophysics
  • Nano-biosciences and biotechnologies
  • Nanochemistry
  • Nano-medecine

The 1st year is devoted to disciplinary courses in physics, chemistry and biology and to multidisciplinary practical works providing a strong background in general science and technology, and to transverse concepts in nanosciences.
The 2nd year offers specialization courses which prepare to fundamental or applied PhD’s. These core courses are completed by a large choice of elective courses covering all the different aspects of nanoscience and by a full time 4-5 month internship in a research laboratory.


  • The 1st year program is open to students having a Bachelor’s degree in Science or enrolled in the final semester of a Bachelor’s program in Science.
  • The 2nd year program is open to students who have already completed a first year in a Master program or a 4 year bachelor program, and who have the scientific background appropriate for one of the second year specializations
  • A specific 1st year program with a long research internship can be proposed to students who have already completed a first year in a Master program or a 4 year bachelor program but who do not have the entire prerequisites to apply directly to the 2nd year.

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