09h00 // Auditorium P-P015 - Phelma Polygone (to confirm)

23 rue des martyrs - 38000 Grenoble

2D@Grenoble is a one-day-event devoted to the exploration of 2D materials, including graphene and recently to a large extent transition metal dichalocogenides.

The event will be held on April, 13th 2017.

Already >10 research groups are working with these materials in Grenoble, addressing sample preparation, chemical functionalization, catalysis, optics, mesoscopic physics, spintronics, and micro/nano-electronics. The purpose of 2D@Grenoble is to give an overview of these activities, so experts can exchange views, complementarities can be identified, and opportunities for future collaborations are discussed.

The program will comprise two keynotes from non-local experts, 12 invited talks from local experts (including postdocs and Ph.D. students), and an extended mid-day poster session at lunch time, expected to favour informal discussions.

9-9:05 : Opening
9:05-9:45 : Keynote by Michael Kinyanjui (Univ. Ulm) «High Resolution Electron Microscopy of 2D Materials in Real and Energy-Momentum space»
10-12 : Confirmed Invited talks:
Minh Tuan Dan (CEA-INAC) «Van der Waals epitaxy of layered transition metal dichalcogenides»
Pascal Pochet (CEA-INAC) «Dislocation in 2D: blessing or curse»
Debora Pierucci (Institut Néel) «Large area molybdenum disulphide- epitaxial graphene vertical Van der Waals heterostructures: electronic structure and doping»
Hanako Okuno (CEA-INAC) «Atomic scale investigation of 2D materials using advanced electron microscopy»
Antoine Bourrier (Institut Néel) «Graphene-based bio-electronics for neuronal interfaces»
Lionel Dubois (CEA-INAC) «Application du graphene au domaine de l’énergie»

12-14:30 : Poster session + buffet lunch

14:30-15:10 : Keynote by Alexander Tartakovskii (Univ. Sheffield)
15:30-17:30 : Confirmed invited talks
Maciej Molas (LNCMI) «Brightening of dark excitons in monolayers of semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides»
Toai Le Quang (Institut Néel) «Atomic-scale investigation of van der Waals based metal/semiconductor interfaces»
Thierry Ouisse (LMGP) «MAX phases and MXenes: an original family of quasi 2D and 2D materials»
Benjamin Sacépé (Institut Néel) «Ballistic quantum transport in graphene van der Waals heterostructures»
Mair Chshiev (SPINTEC) «Theoretical insights into proximity induced exchange and anisotropy effects in graphene/ferromagnet interfaces»
Stéphane Cadot (CEA-LETI) «Synthèse de couches 2D de disulfures de métaux de transition par chimie organométallique de surface»

17:40-17:40 : Concluding remarks & closing words (Alain Fontaine)

Registration is free
of charge but required for obvious organisation reasons.
Please do not hesitate to forward this email to colleagues you think might be interested.

Hoping to see many of you at 2D@Grenoble,

The organisation committee,

Hervé Boukari, Claude Chapelier, Johann Coraux, Florence Duclairoir, Clément Faugera, Matthieu Jamet



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