• Tuesday 19 September 2017

Quantum Nanoelectronics Seminar : Anton Akhmerov

14h00 // Room « Remy Lemaire » (K223)

Institut Néel
25 avenue des martyrs - Grenoble

Tinkering with Majoranas
Anton Akhmerov (TU Delft)

The goal of making Majorana states in the lab requires
bringing together very different and sometimes incompatible physical
phenomena: superconductivity, magnetic field, and one-dimensional
systems. The reward is high—creating and controlling the first
non-Abelian anyons, exotic particles, but so is the challenge. I will
show how different physical phenomena impact the creation of
Majoranas. I will show how the coupling strength to the superconductor
impacts the goal of creating Majoranas and how the orbital effect of
magnetic field impacts the spin-orbit physics. Going further, I will
show how to detect these physical phenomena using the nonlocal
conductance as a bulk probe of induced superconductivity.

Contact : Anton Akhmerov

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