• Tuesday 14 November 2017


08h00 // Building IMAG - Campus universitaire

Saint Martin d’Hères

13-22 November 2017

During the Fostering days of November, different workshops are planned over two weeks ! Please find below more details :

- 13th of Novembre (MONDAY all day long) : INFODAY “SCIENTIFIC EXCELLENCE “ with interactive plenary sessions during which will be presented the various programs of the pilar 1 /H2020 “scientific excellence “. Representants of 4 national contact points, laureates and reviewers will be here to present:
a report on previous calls for proposals ;
the 2018-2020 work programme and future calls ;
detailed information about the funding opportunities offered by those four European programs

The morning will be dedicated to Marie Curie’s Actions and FET programmes, the afternoon to ERC and Research infrastructure calls.

Programme and free mandatory registration “here"

- the 14th of Novembre (TUESDAY all day long) : workshop on “how to write a competitive ERC proposal” – focus on CoG 2018

A plenary session during which are reviewed the call expectations, evaluation criteria and are analysed each party and subsection of the proposal. The plenary session is also the opportunity for the potential candidates to exchange with other researchers and meet laureates during a discussion. The breaks and lunch are offered.

- the 15 of November (WEDNESDAY) + morning of the 16th: ERC CLINICS – possibility to book an individual interview (one hour clinic) allowing to discuss more exactly its ERC project. Please indicate your interest during the registration process. Limited slots the D-day ! Additional clinics will be organized by skype if necessary !

Programme and free mandatory registration “here"

- the 20 of Novembre (TUESDAY) : a “Writers workshop” dedicated to the Grenoble teams (researchers and administrative staff) willing to (re)submit their
- the 21 of Novembre : clinics for ITN resubmission (limited slots, contact to take with your Europe units) / Indeed, the teams identified as coordinators of an ITN project and who wish to re-submit in January, 2018, have the possibility of having a more than one hour face to face with a consultant.

Programme and free mandatory registration “here"

NB : All sessions except infoday will be in English.

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Quantum Nanoelectronics Seminar : Tobias Krähenmann

14h00 // Room « Remy Lemaire » (K223)

Institut Néel
25 avenue des martyrs - Grenoble

Electron Transfer between Quantum Dots
Tobias Krähenmann (ETH Zurich)

Spatially separated quantum dots are used to transfer electrons in a high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas. We utilize the quantized energy levels of quantum dots to spectroscopically examine this transfer. Applying a perpendicular magnetic field enhances the transfer between the two quantum dots, as long as the chirality of the edge channels match the transfer direction. The transport of electrons in edge channels implicates a longer transfer time, which favors inelastic processes and we measure an enhancement of electron-electron scattering events. In a magnetic field we observe that the dissipation energy of electrons tunneling through a quantum dot can be released in an Auger-like recombination which can be investigated using quantum dot devices.

Contact : Tobias Krähenmann

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