• jeudi 20 octobre 2016

La 10ème édition du workshop Namisceb

09h00 // LIPhy - Campus universitaire de Saint-Martin d’Hères

After more than a year of absence, the 10th edition aims at bringing together the junior and senior scientists tip toeing on the tight rope between biology, physics, engineering and chemistry. Indeed, understanding the building blocks of life, from viruses and bacteria to tissues and organs, requires a highly multidisciplinary community that the Nanosciences Foundation has made its motto to federate.




8h45 : Accueil
5 long talks

  • 9h05 : Marco Maccarini
  • 9h35 : Manon Tardif
  • 10h05 : Monika Dolega
  • 10h35 : Coffee break
  • 11h : Katarina Hennig
  • 11h30 : Charlotte Aumeier

12h : Flash posters presentation


14h30 : Conference of Nicolas Biais
5 short talks

  • 15h30 : Francielle Garcia
  • 15h50 : Karima Ait Ouares
  • 16h10 : Vincent Fitzpatrick
  • 16h30 : Coffee break
  • 16h45 : Adele Kerjouan
  • 17h05 : Anthony Berdeu

17h25 : Posters prizes award

Conference : Nicolas Biais, Brooklyn College, USA
From pico to nano : impact of mechanical forces on bacterial behavior

This talk will introduce the most ubiquitous of bacterial appendages : the Type IV pilus. Type IV pili (Tfp) are thin (6 to 9 nm in diameter) and long (up to several microns) biological polymers that can achieve cycles of elongation and retraction away from bacterial bodies. These incredible nanomachines mediate many bacterial functions from DNA uptake to motility, infection and more. For most of those functions, the ability of Tfp to exerce physical forces ranging from a few pN to a few nN is critical. We will present biophysical characterizations of these nanomachines across evolutionary timescales and explore the role of the mechanical forces that bacteria can achieve using Tfp on bacteria-host and bacteria-bacteria interactions. Similarly to our recent recognition of the role of mechanical forces in the biology of multicellular mammalian cells we will show that mechanics also contribute to the biology of bacteria.




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